category: Comedy

Commercial Break 1: Citizen Vlado


Welcome to series three - Citizen Vlado abounds and the Gallowtree Players present their new series - series three. An ideal jumping on point for the Gallowtree story. Who is Vlado? What does he want? How important is he to the people of Gallowtree and what is his destiny? Welcome to the first commercial break Gallowtree has ever taken. Welcome to Citizen Vlado. Welcome to the future. Vlado is nearly here... prepare for the unexpected. Prepare for the darkness. Prepare for a new beginning that will test our heroes to the nth degree. Vlado Babich is here... but where is here? it is certainly somewhere in Gallowtree... and nothing will be the same when everyone utters the name of Vlado Babich. Be concerned... be very concerned... welcome to Gallowtree: Series three.


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