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Do Cheek Fillers Hurt?


Dermal fillers have been around a long time, but are now more effective and long lasting than ever. Plenty of women – and some men – have cheek fillers London wide routinely. But if you’ve never taken the plunge before, you’ll probably worry that they’re painful and what the possible side effects are.

The good news is that cheek fillers, when applied by a skilled and experienced laser dermatologist London based, will cause you nothing more than a little temporary discomfort. A pre-procedure anaesthetic will numb the area before the cheek fillers are injected, and some clinics even add a local anaesthetic to the filler injection itself. So while the sensation may be similar to a trip to the dentist for a filling, it will be no worse than that. Post-procedure, it’s typical to see a few side effects. There may be some redness, itching, a little bruising and perhaps some discomfort in the days that follow.

These side effects are completely normal, as any clinic that administers cheek fillers London wide will be quick to reassure you. They should subside within just a few days, and you will be delighted with your younger, plumper, softer skin.




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