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Dr. Mindy Gewirtz and Vivien Hoexter

Dr. Mindy Gewirtz and Vivien Hoexter


Nonprofits, engagement, and innovation are today's topics. Dr. Mindy Gewirtz is a co-founder of two nonprofits and for-profit companies. Her experience as Executive Team member of a large nonprofit, and entrepreneurial engagements provide a framework for integrating client growth with business results. Entrepreneurship and innovation are also an active part of Mindy’s client portfolio. Mindy consulted to the CEO and became a co-founder of 7AC, a waste heat driven cooling and heating Cleantech firm. She has actively coached early-stage entrepreneurs in Boston’s thriving entrepreneurship community. Mindy also gives back to the entrepreneurial community, having been an active mentor in the Babson’s MBA program, Boston University’s, MBA Kindle Business Competition, and the National Cleantech Open. Vivien Hoexter and Linda C. Hartley are the authors of Big Impact: Insights and Stories from America’s Non-Profit Leaders. Vivien Hoexter is Principal of H2Growth Strategies LLC, which helps organizations create actionable strategic plans, build strong boards and increase revenue to generate greater impact. Linda C. Hartley (MBA-Stern NYU) is Principal of H2Growth Strategies LLC, which has helped over 100 organizations raise over $1.5 billion.


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