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How to stop worrying and start doing


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You may have some moments of doubts, fear, worry, and thinking without taking action.
You can try 4 ideas below for turning worrying into action:
1. Serve
Instead of worrying about the fear of rejection, the doubts, focusing on what you can serve, what you can give, what you can contribute.
The desire of serving and contributing makes you go beyond your ego, the fear, the doubts, the negativity.
2. Action plan
Work backward from your desire of serving to create action plan: yearly, weekly, daily plan
3. Daily habits
Daily habits carry the action plan toward the desire, realizing the desire
To maintain daily habits: use triggers (alarm on your phone), accountability
4. Accountability
Your mastermind group or your coach, your mentor
Mastermind group:

Start from today!
Nonstop love, live, give!


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