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Masha Malka Author of the One Minute Coach on Ready for Love Radio Tonight


Can you make a positive change in your life in one minute? You definitely can with Masha Malka's book - Masha Malka, author or The One Minute Coach, visits with Nikki Leigh. Masha talks about her book and her work. She helps you understand how you can "change your life one minute at a time". To learn much more visit


Masha Malka Author of The One Minute Coach


About The One Minute Coach: Change Your Life One Minute at a Time

The One Minute Coach is a great book for busy parents, executives and even kids! Changing your life, literally, one minute at a time is possible for those of us who make a choice to care about our future, our personal growth, our overall happiness and fulfillment in life. Read The One Minute Coach today and see yourself in a much better place one minute from now! Within these pages you'll discover the secret to great success. Whether it's money, relationships, or general happiness you're aiming for, let world-renowned personal coach Masha Malka help you on your journey. Assembled here for the first time are a series of easy life-changing weekly routines you can carry out at home, at work, or at play. You won't need to go to classes, you won't need expensive CDs or DVDs and even the busiest of people will be able to use this book whenever they have a spare minute the results can be extraordinary!

Share my Review for The One Minute Coach by Masha Malka Masha Malka Bio - Masha Malka is a former Soviet refugee who knows first hand what it is like to be living below poverty level; to have low self-esteem; to start out without the language, money, or contacts at the age of 17 and then make a great life for herself! Masha went from living a life with little clarity and focus to becoming a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, and a mentor to thousands of people around the world.

Understanding what it takes to successfully balance the demands of a growing career with 3 children, husband, family, friends, and personal needs - she is passionate to show others how they can do it too! Masha has delivered workshops, seminars, written articles and books, and provided personal training and coaching in the field of success and the skill of learning since 1998. She graduated with Highest Honors from Florida Atlantic Universitymajoring in Elementary Education. She then continued her graduate studies at Capella University completing graduate certificates inTeaching and Training Online as well as Instructional Design for Online Learning. She is also a certified trainer in Accelerated Learning Techniques as well as Transformational Thinking. After years of seminars and workshops with influential leaders such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dr. Thomas Madden, Dr. Bill Gould, Mark Victor Hansen and many others,

Masha has developed Foundation to Life Mastery Mentoring Program that is now changing the lives for the better of many people around the world. Living and working in the diverse cultures of 6 countries - Russia, USA,Austria, England, Bulgaria and Spain, has given her a unique insight onhow to achieve success regardless of the person's background. Masha has combined her discoveries on learning in an e-book "Discover Your Inborn Genius" where she shares with her readers the tools which will allow them to tap into the unlimited possibilities and potential that they possess.

Masha’s “The One Minute Coach™: change your life one minute at a time”, reached #1 on three categories within 6 weeks of being launched. The One Minute Coach is a great resource for anyone looking for more balance and fulfillment in their life.

It is written in a way that even the busiest of people can find the time to get inspired and learn how to apply new information in their day-to-day life. Masha is a resident coach for a national radio station REM.FM in Spain (Click here to check for your local frequency or to listen live online) and has done over 200 radio interviews internationally. She has been featured in numerous publications including Women’s Day, Essential, Dream Life, and Finest. Masha is a regular contributor to e-zine,Lifetimes Magazine, and LWmagazine.

Masha's work has been an inspiration to many and her circle of followers is rapidly increasing. Click here to read what people say. Wanting to give back to the community more than just her services, Masha Malka donates 10% of her income to the local charity that assistschildren of special needs, needy families, as well as religious and communal cultural programs and events. Read more here. Besides having a successful career, Masha has been happily married to Doron for over 13 years and has 3 children – Veronica, Julia, and David.


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