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Michael Anderle: Death Becomes Her

Michael Anderle: Death Becomes Her


This week we had a HUGE fanboy experience in getting to speak one-on-one with Michael Anderle, and hear him read a sample chapter from the book that kicked off his meteoric rise to stardom, "Death Becomes Her"!
If you don't know who he is, just check out Amazon's top 100 authors where you'll regularly find him in the top 20! He currently has 33 books in his own name and 100+ titles that he has co-authored while building an ever-expanding universe with other talented authors under his publishing company, LMBPN Publishing.
In this episode, we discuss Michael's start in writing way back in November of 2015; his creation of the Kutherian Gambit series where readers quickly learn that "Everything you thought you knew about vampires, is wrong." We get into the science and magic at the heart of his series and somehow I was able to convince him to read a sample chapter! *Warning, there is some explicit language!*

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