Essay writing tips

category: Higher Education

1. Using “There” or “It” will save you from making alterations. 2. It is always much better construct your sentences in the active voice. 3. Do not sound redundant by repeating information to your readers over and over again in your novel. 4. Easy to understand phrases, clichés and words should be used because they are more meaningful to readers, unless you have your own good reason for doing so. 5. Express your thoughts using the right number of words. Do not be too abrupt nor should you be overtly excessive that you become redundant when narrating. 6. Always make sure that you write with correct grammars, spellings of words and punctuations. 7. Use the right tone that is suitable for the characters and events in the story that you are telling. 8. The narrator should not intrude in the story by putting in unnecessary jokes and your own opinions. 9. The dialogues should be punctuated properly to avoid confusing and distracting the readers. 10. The story should be realistic to the readers so it is important to consider the manner of speech of the characters. 11. Every information, idea or speech written down in the story should be written down for a reason. They should contribute to the development of the story as a whole. 12. It is ideal to designate the characters with their own distinct diction, rhythm and mannerism so that it would not be necessary to repetitively introduce the characters as they “speak.”

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